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About 8th Moon (Feral Moon)


Feral Moon - is the annual therian gathering, carried out for a first time at August 2011 in Moscow, Russia. The main meeting idea is - to initiate the tradition in accordance to which, everyone, who belives he is a beast, will have the ability to find his kindred spirits at the full Moon of each August. That activity does not imply any strict management and even existence of the managers in fact. There is no any kind of program for Feral Moon, anyone might think up the activities for themselves.
 The gathering place is choosed to be the Losiny Ostrov area in Moscow, however, it may be changed. The main requirement to the place is the accessibility for the short-term and long-distance arrivals. More accurate data about meeting place will be published in the Feral Moon mailing list a two-three weeks before the meeting.
 There is no strict 'facecontrol' at the meeting and there are no needs for newcomers to proove they are therians, on the other hand the presence of the humans, which are interesting in therianthropy, is not desirable. Yet the sharing of the mailing list is not moderating and anyone is allowed to join it.

 Use the Feral Moon mailing list to get the actual information about the gathering, the place of the upcoming meeting in August 2013, and sign in to the forum to clarify your questions and discuss the passed and future events.


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